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J2EE Technology

Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) provides a robust framework and flexible environment for applications running on handheld devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, as well as a broad range of embedded devices. Like its counterparts for the enterprise (J2EE), desktop (J2SE), J2ME includes Java virtual machines and a set of standard Java APIs defined through the Java Community Process, by expert groups whose members include leading device manufacturers, software vendors, and service providers.

Our J2ME software engineers use MIDP and additional APIs (Mobile Media API, Wireless Messaging API, J2ME Web Services APIs, Security and Trust Services API for J2ME) in the development process. We have extensive experience in working with a wide range of mobile devices and frameworks to make solutions independent of device thus ensuring far greater reach.

Our Expertise in the Mobile Application Development includes
Mobile Applications
  1. Utility applications with Bluetooth/WAP/GPRS connectivity
  2. Location Based - City Guides, Navigators
  3. Business Tools - Inventory Tracking etc.
  4. Multimedia Apps including Camera Capture, Codec Integration
  5. SMS Applications like Auto Responders based on Keywords, authentication support.
Mobile game development
  1. Multiplayer
  2. WAP Charging Based
  3. Delivery Framework for offering Suite of Games, upgrades and complete admin
  4. Multi Device Support, effective use of commercial grade engines for performance and security
  5. 2D and 3D Graphics

Expertise: We have expertise in following areas
  • Languages, Technologies & Tools
  • J2ME
  • Symbian C++
  • Series 60, 70
  • BREW
  • WML
  • Embedded Visual Studio

In regards to Java / J2EE, we have proficiency in the following areas, amongst others:
  • J2EE ( Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlet)
  • Core Java
  • Java Swings
  • Java Server Faces (JSF)
  • JDBC
  • JNI
  • Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME)
  • Apple Mac OSX Java
  • Java 2D
  • Java Mail
  • Apache Xerces (XML) and Xalan (XSLT) parsers
  • Ajax (Not really a part of Java, but adds to the development capabilities)
  • SOA (Not really a part of Java, but adds to the development capabilities)
  • Java API for XML Processing (JAXP)
  • Java API for XML-based RPC (JAX-RPC)
  • RMI / IIOP
  • Sun JDK1.3, J2SE, J2EE development platforms
Based upon this, we offer the following Java development services:
  • Java product development: This is something that we have very strong capabilities in, and have been doing Java product development since 2000.
  • End-to-end design and development of J2EE / J2ME applications.
  • Enhancing existing J2EE / J2ME applications with new features and functionalities with a faster turn-around time.
  • Transferring applications from other architectures to the J2EE framework.
  • Testing Services that include performance testing of J2EE components and complete application testing services.
  • Integrating J2EE applications with other back office applications.

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