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Application Development

Our Application Development Solutions provide the lifeline to our client base. We have a strong; very well trained expert technical team that better understands your application requirements thoroughly and then prepares System Architecture, Develops the solution, tests it and finally goes for its implementation. At Webmax Solutions we mainly rely on industry provided software development standards and critically do the tests on the applications to ensure their bug-free delivery.

Webmax Solutions skills in high-end technology help our clients with a lengthier on the shelf life of the products with very low effort of maintenance and support requirements. Our Process Management flow ensures that applications are developed using Rapid Application Development architecture, then tested using prone testing tools and finally put to implementation. The domain knowledge we have allows flexible application architecture and us to develop applications, which have scalable and incorporate business logic, giving our clients the next-generation of applications that let them generate greater efficiency through high level of automation.

Webmax Solutions is specialist at developing Windows applications. We pride ourselves in creating world-class software applications of the highest standard.

Webmax Solutions expertise includes:
  1. Product design and development
  2. Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  3. GUI (Graphical User Interface design)
  4. Windows Application Development
  5. Software Quality Assurance
  6. Performance and tuning
  7. Acceptance
Our Facilities for your product / project
Fast and dual-monitor machines for software development.
Dedicated Internet connection with router to our local network.
Source code version Controlling and remote access.
Dedicated machines for product development and testing.
Backup file server with off-site archives.
Dedicated machine project builds.

Application Development has two primary advantages: increased speed of development and increased quality. The speed increases are due to the use of CASE tools, the goal of which is to capture requirements and turn them into usable code as quickly as possible. Quality, as defined by AD, is both the degree to which a delivered application meets the needs of users as well as the degree to which a delivered system has low maintenance costs. AD increases quality through the involvement of the user in the analysis and design stages.

AD has two primary disadvantages: reduced Scalability, and reduced features. Reduced scalability occurs because an AD developed application starts as a prototype and evolves into a finished application. Reduced features occur due to time boxing, where features are pushed to later versions in order to finish a release in a short amount of time.

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