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SEO Content Writing

Write Your Way to Sure-fire Online Sales and Profits

You seem to have done a great job at SEO optimising your site - it's obvious to everyone now that you rank high on search engine rankings. Visitors are drawn to your site. But what next, the visitors to your site don't seem interested in purchasing products or services, or for that matter buying anything from your site.

Well, now it's dawned on you, that SEO is not just about eyeballs but also about conversions. And what can do both, draw prospects to your site and convert them into customers? But of course, SEO Copywriting which is interesting key phrase rich content that interests search engines as well as visitors to your site. While graphics and multimedia play a role on your website, they can discourage usability, because finally it is text that sells.

SEO copywriters at Webmax Solutions are experienced marketing communication specialists, who write fresh content or rewrite existing content, which ensures that your website ranks high on search engines, gains the eyeballs of your target audience and converts them into avid customers.

Webmax Solutions offers three types of SEO copywriting services:
  • New Website Content Creation
  • Rewriting Existing Content
  • Graphic-Intensive sites
Finally, information is the key to keeping your customers happy. The more detailed and specific information you provide about your product or service, the less probability of them leaving your website to surf competitor websites.

Benefits of Seo Copywriting

Enhanced Traffic: With our specially researched and cooked up Keyword rich articles you just don't please your customers but also the search engines with an end result of exponential business growth;

Mammoth Market Presence: With our focused writers adding a clutter edge to your products with ravishing reviews, captivating the market can just be a child's play to you;

Outstanding Cost Cutters: With our dedicated writer hiring scheme, now you can dream of expressive sites that speaks for itself and generates better revenue with lesser expense. So does that tempt you to put us on test? Well just request us for a free quote with your mission and let us get back to you within no time with our vision.

At Webmax Solutions we create informative, easy-to-read content with both the reader and the search engines in mind. We know that effective SEO copywriting will not only help your web site rank higher in the search engines, but at the same time be informative and interesting to the reader. Getting a visitor to your site is half the battle, and keeping them there is just as important.

Our SEO Copywriters adhere to these basic principles:
  • Communicate your business strengths
  • Develop content that will convert leads to sales
  • Create content that is informative, succinct and search engine friendly

Are you in need of content that not only sounds good but can help you rank well in search engines ?
  • Website Content
  • Article Writing
  • Optimized Press Releases
  • e-Newsletters
  • Volume Content Writing
The importance of content on a website can never be undermined. Web marketers, whether big or small, are slowly realizing that content is the most important element on a website. An SEO (Optimised), content rich website ranks higher on Search Engines and attracts more customers than one that has a lot of pretty images and simply looks good to the eyes.In the world of internet, where the human touch is missing, the role of content on a website varies from that of a teacher, a guide, a friend or a goal oriented sales man! There is no debating the fact that Content is KING! and the moment you start treating is like one the sooner it will give you results At Webmax Solutions

we provide freelance writing services that can assist you in all your content needs no matter where you may be based across the globe

If you are planning to build a new website, we can develop powerful, well balanced content that will help you to convey your message across to your target customers. If you already have a web site that needs improvement, we will first understand your goals and then rework on the content so that it attracts customers, educates your target audience and pushes sales.

Website Content Writing Tips

When writing for the web, use
  • shorter sentences, words and paragraphs
  • one idea per paragraph
  • concise text - half the word count (or less) than writing for print
  • the inverted pyramid style, putting the most important point or the conclusion first.
  • simple words
  • objective language to build credibility, rather than exaggerated claims or overly promotional words like "great", "tremendous" etc.
  • bulleted lists
  • highlighted text (bold or color, also hyperlinked text) for scannability
  • meaningful headlines and subheads, avoiding cute or clever lines

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