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Q: What will my customized web site look like?

Q: What about my domain name?

Q: Why does my business need to be on the internet ?

Q: I got a website made, powered with latest technologies and all the glitz but it does not work. What do i do ?

Q: What i can do with a website ?

Q: How can take advantage of this new communication medium ?

Q: How Secure is my online business ?

Q: What should i do if I wish to update my website ?

Q: What will my customized web site look like?
We can create a very custom design just for you. CLICK HERE to take a look at some sites we have created for our customers.

Q:What about my domain name?
We will purchase a domain name for you! OR you can transfer your existing domain name to your new Webmax Solutions site.

Q: Why does my business need to be on the internet ?
E-business can help you reach out to millions of customers located across the globe, coming from all walks of life. It can save you a lot of money and time by streamlining your total business processes such as supply chain, communication and marketing.

Q: I got a website made, powered with latest technologies and all the glitz but it does not work. What do i do ?
Just having a website does not help. It merely gives you an e-presence. However, the real impact of this e-presence comes in only if people know that you are present and available to them online. This can only be achieved through effective internet marketing, search engine optimization, search engine promotion, link popularity, keyword rich content development, e-mail marketing etc. Webmax Solutions is a fore running web promotion company in India. We undertake active web promotion campaigns for our client's website and e-business.

Q: What I can do with a website ?
Website provides a platform for interactive presentation of products and services. You can get a first hand experience with your customers without having to get through with the intermediaries. Website can provide a method of communication with your employees, clients and investors. You can actually sell products and services directly to customers bypassing the cumbersome supply chain. Website keeps your business on 24x7, 365 days a year. Thus you can effectively handle customer care services.

How can I take advantage of this new communication medium ?
You can gather first hand market information and get a hang of international industry trends. It helps maintaining relationship with existing customers and expanding the customer base. You can build a corporate identity and win instant product recognition. Whole marketing and promotional efforts can be run entirely through this newfound communication medium.

How Secure is my online business ?
Webmax Solutions develops websites backed by latest technologies incorporating all the essential security features like secured database; PHP, ASP, JSP and .net backed web applications, secured payment gateways; Anti vandalism and anti hacking software. Sometimes on request we also make the website right click disabled to protect copyrights on web content, graphics and images.

Q: What should I do if I wish to update my website ?
Just mail us your changes. We will make your changes in the website with in 48 working hours.
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