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Service-oriented modeling framework (SOMF)

The Service-Oriented Modeling Framework (SOMF) has been proposed by author Michael Bell as a service-oriented modeling language for software development that employs disciplines and a universal language to provide tactical and strategic solutions to enterprise problems.

The service-oriented modeling framework (SOMF) is a service-oriented development life cycle methodology. It offers a number of modeling practices and disciplines that contribute to a successful service-oriented life cycle management and modeling (see image on right).

It illustrates the major elements that identify the "what to do" aspects of a service development scheme. These are the modeling pillars that will enable practitioners to craft an effective project plan and to identify the milestones of a service-oriented initiative-either a small or large-scale business or a technological venture.

The provided image thumb (on the right hand side) depicts the four sections of the modeling framework that identify the general direction and the corresponding units of work that make up a service-oriented modeling strategy: practices, environments, disciplines, and artifacts. Remember, these elements uncover the context of a modeling occupation and do not necessarily describe the process or the sequence of activities needed to fulfil modeling goals. These should be ironed out during the project plan - the service-oriented development life cycle strategy - that typically sets initiative boundaries, timeframe, responsibilities and accountabilities, and achievable project milestones.

SOA life cycle modeling

Service-oriented modeling is driven by the development process of services. This approach enables business and information technology professionals to focus on deliverables that correspond to a specific service-oriented life cycle stage and event.

Life cycle modeling activities
Service-oriented Modeling and Architecture (SOMA) consists of the phases of identification, specification, realization, implementation, deployment and management in which the fundamental building blocks of SOA are identified then refined and implemented in each phase. The fundamental building blocks of SOA consists of services, components, flows and related to them, information, policy and contracts.

The service-oriented modeling framework (SOMF) introduces five major life cycle modeling activities that drive a service evolution during design-time and run-time. At the design-time phase a service originates as a conceptual entity (conceptual service), later it transforms into an SOA unit of analysis (analysis service), next it transitions into a contractual and logical entity (design service), and finally is established as a concrete service (solution service). The following identify the major contributions of the service-oriented modeling activities:

  • Service-oriented discovery & analysis modeling: Discover and analyze services for granularity, reusability, interoperability, loose-coupling, and identify consolidation opportunities.
  • Service-oriented business integration modeling: Identify service integration and alignment opportunities with business domains' processes (organizations, products, geographical locations)
  • Service-oriented logical design modeling: Establish service relationships and message exchange paths. Address service visibility. Craft service logical compositions. Model service transactions
  • Service-oriented conceptual architecture modeling: Establish an SOA architectural direction. Depict an SOA technological environment. Craft an SOA technological stack. Identify business ownership.
  • Service-oriented logical architecture modeling: Integrate SOA software assets. Establish SOA logical environment dependencies. Foster service reuse, loose coupling and consolidation.

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