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What should you put on Link Pages?

Create a link page on your Web site that gives other Web sites permission to link to yours. Make it very easy for them to include you by providing cut and paste HTML code. Incorporate your keyphrases into the linking code. Create small banners or buttons for this purpose as well.

Put a description under each link on your links page. You don't want the search engines thinking of you as a link farm.

Complete Linking Strategies:
Complete Strategy #1:
Here is our list, in order of tactical importance:
  • First, build a content rich site, narrow in scope [say half a dozen high potential keywords, with a smattering of lessor important but still related kw's].
  • Then, contact other sites that have the same scope as yours does, and ask for a reciprocal link [after you have already linked to them, of course!]. If you build a site that is content rich, informative, and above all else has unique content, then all your peers will beat a path to your door, asking you for a link!
  • Get your site listed at Yahoo [yes, it does force you to yank out your wallet, but it IS one of the best links you can get]. Do the research necessary to find the most appropriate category [which is where the Link Relevancy comes from], and get that title and description optimized!
  • Get into the ODP. Do the same research as you did at Yahoo for the best category.
  • Find out which of the thousands of specialty SE's and directories that your site is a good fit for, and submit to them.
  • After you are done with 1 - 5, build another content rich site, and on this one, concentrate on your next batch of kw's. Cross link the home pages. Repeat.
  • Even though blogging is all the rage these days, we think it will go the way of link farms in the not-too-distant future, especially if/when the SE's determine that it is just another case of spamming. We are staying away from it, and concentrating on the 6 tactics above.
  • Of much less importance is cross linking within each of your individual sites. We have gotten away from heavy cross linking, relying instead on good site maps [which addresses spiderability, not link pop].

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