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Flash Intro

A piece of animated content displayed at the beginning of a presentation, such as a web site, that is specifically prepared using Adobe Flash. The main content is preparing to load in the background, while the animated content is displayed in the foreground.

The intent is to captivate the user's attention so that he or she does not stray from the site, although the quality of content is usually marketing-centric. Often a "skip" button is prepared to allow more immediate access to the site's home page.

Many elaborate Flash-based introductions appeared in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Today such productions, particularly the lengthier ones, are considered old hat amongst the web design community. From a usability perspective the intros are regarded as more of a time-consuming distration toward reaching the more valuable home page content. Despite this there are several online vendors providing simplified intro builder services for those with no Flash authoring skills.

Flash Presentation
a business's image is of undeniable importance; it is reflective of an impression on the outside world . Corporate communications are image conscious and carry an apparent urge to impress. Flash Presentation is basically meant for Web, it is your company's animated profile designed to be included in your Website.

The cardinal purpose for having a Flash Presentation in your Website is its size and the benefits. Flash Presentation as compared to CD Flash Presentation is quite smaller in size and can be easily downloaded in low bandwidth areas and that too by masses. Flash Presentation allows you to make the desired impact upon communication.

Encapsulating your entire business into a single presentation is an intricate task. We handle the entire look and appeal of your business that helps to present you in an impressive light. We design Corporate Flash Presentation that aptly summarize your business and present your Business in a very appealing and effective manner. Through Multimedia Corporate Flash Presentation we incorporate your ideology, efforts, achievements and infrastructure facilities in a distinct manner to generate a lasting impression

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